Textile Costing

Lectures in Textile Costing
  1. Textile Costing Lecture 01 Financial Accounting Introduction Worksheet
  2. Textile Costing Lecture 02 Financial Statements Worksheet
  3. Textile Costing Lecture 03 Current Assets – Liabilities Worksheet
  4. Textile Costing Lecture 04 Fixed Assets Worksheet
  5. Textile Costing Lecture 05 Managerial Accounting Introduction
  6. Textile Costing Lecture 06 Unit Costing
  7. Textile Costing Lecture 07 Cost-Volume-Profit Relationship
  8. Textile Costing Lecture 08 CVP in Textiles
  9. Textile Costing Lecture 09 Costing Systems I – Additional Material
  10. Textile Costing Lecture 10 Costing Systems II –Additional Material
  11. Textile Costing Lecture 11 Advanced Costing Systems
  12. Textile Costing Lecture 12 ABC Uses in Textiles
  13. Textile Costing Lecture 13 Budgets & Variances
  14. Textile Costing Lecture 14 Budgeting in Textiles
  15. Mid Term (exact date will be announced later)
  16. Textile Costing Lecture 16 Review of Spinning Calculations
  17. Textile Costing Lecture 17 Simple Yarn Costing
  18. Textile Costing Lecture 18 Optimal Yarn Mix
  19. Textile Costing Lecture 19 Review of Weaving Calculations I
  20. Textile Costing Lecture 20 Review of Weaving Calculations II
  21. Textile Costing Lecture 21 Simple Fabric Costing
  22. Review Session
  23. Textile Costing Lecture 23 Dyed Fabric Costing
  24. Textile Costing Lecture 24 Concept of Routes
  25. Textile Costing Lecture 25 Plant Machinery Analysis
  26. Textile Costing Lecture 26 Final Dyeing Costing
  27. Textile Costing Lecture 27 Stitching Costing I
  28. Textile Costing Lecture 28 Stitching Costing II
  29. Presentation on costing of a grey product
  30. Presentation on costing of a grey product

22 Responses to Textile Costing

  1. Adnan says:

    how can i access above sheets

  2. Dr. Prabir Kumar Choudhuri says:

    The lecture notes seem to be very useful for the concerned students. Pl. inform me how can I get those because these are not downloadable. Is there any book related to that topics.

    • rizwanzubair says:

      The lectures are downloadable – kindly mention which links are not working and I can correct those. There is no book that explains costing in the manner we do on this blog. I will try to write some explanatory notes on the excel files, inshaAllah.

  3. Zainab Ihsan says:

    this blog is amazing!! thank you for all the help! please keep them coming

  4. Zainab Ihsan says:

    can you please tell me how relevant are these costs and prices?
    also i have a few questions regarding the files. can you help me in understanding?

  5. Hasib-Us-Salam says:

    I have gone through few of these lecture and fount it awesome…. great sharing.

  6. abubakr hasan says:

    how do we calculate loom overhead cost for terry production

    • rizwanzubair says:

      Calculating the loom overhead cost is simple. Combine all the overhead cost of the factory and divided the total by the number of looms and divide by 30. This will give overhead cost per loom per day. The contribution that you target should be higher than this amount for making profits.

  7. khalid says:

    Great work..thank you so much.

  8. c gokul says:

    Hello. I am doing my internship in a dyeing factory. My project is to implement ABC in the factory. How do I approach about the same? Where should I start? Please guide.

  9. Nitish Hogade says:

    Nce info,but not got (29) nd (30) number sheets.. nd let me know when you upload a Fabric weaving costing with multiple colour on both warp and weft side.. Al The Best

    • rizwanzubair says:

      Actually the lectures are based on an actual class that I used to teach in University of Management and Technology, normally 29th & 30th sessions were for recap, so there are no lectures.
      For multiple count working you may refer to the course Weaving Calculations on the same blog; it should have these and many more interesting calculations.

  10. haseeb says:

    lecture 14 is not downloaded,nice work

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